AR quests for companies and exhibitions: team building, streaming and entertainment

Пиратский квест - тимбилдинг

Augmented reality technology has firmly established itself among the tools for marketing, education and entertainment. If you combine these areas, the solution from R4Quest attracts attention — an AR quest with augmented reality, a combination of the possibilities of touching a product or brand, training or credit, team building or performance.

R4Quest is a Russian company that specializes in organizing interactive quests. The company’s portfolio includes ready-made quests on smartphones and the development of specialized quests and systems for directing guests at events.

Business tasks that are solved with the help of R4Quest quests:

team building — team building with augmented reality,
flow direction — gaming activity will lead visitors to the right stands at the exhibition or resort infrastructure facilities,
entertainment activity — the quest brings together participants in the search for treasure, possibly merchandise or special conditions from the sponsor,
interactive stand — the quest tells a story in which circumstances relate to a brand or product, in which the main character is a player, your guest.
AR Team Building

Smartphone augmented reality quests powered by R4Quest help improve communication, collaboration and productivity among team members. The mechanics and content of the quests are aimed at developing leadership qualities, critical thinking and time management. Team building with AR from R4Quest adapts to the needs and preferences of the company.
All team building programs are designed with the likely goals of team building in mind, for example, to integrate new employees, increase team motivation and efficiency, for recreation and entertainment, etc.

The peculiarity of R4Quest quests is that they are held outdoors. Full immersion in the atmosphere of adventure is guaranteed! Quests can be organized in any city in Russia and beyond. The Internet is required only to install the R4Quest application, this eliminates any risks and communication problems in the forest, for example.

The criteria for choosing quests are known:

Subject. Pirate quest and Neskazka quest in Russian style — ready-made quests from R4Quest with a bright theme, these are quests in the style of treasure hunting. The R4Quest company develops quests without fan styling, for example, with corporate symbols.

Complexity. R4Quest quests are designed for an adult audience. However, high school students also cope with the tests. Sport difficulty (distance timers) is configurable.

duration. Depending on the format and placement of the desired clues in real space, the duration of R4Quest can be from 20 minutes to 2 hours of game time in the application.

Price. R4Quest is a potential savings on staff. The application itself tells you what to do next, and teams can advance without the support of team leaders, if you wish.

For quest rooms, there is another criterion: the level of fear. In our case, the situation is heating up not due to frightening artists or scenario moves, but due to timing, competitive momentum, excitement and real search. R4Quest is definitely safe, because all the places that participants visit are reliably known and verified. This is partly why R4Quest uses special pictures to augment reality, rather than geolocation.

R4 Quest Benefits:

Placement of the quest in the forest area without the Internet
Setting timers for tasks and distances
Placement in space with limited volume as a stand
Touch with a brand or product using 3D, animations, images and texts within the application, as well as printed images on bases recognized by the application
Clear participant logistics from point to point — route planning. Basic quests use non-linear logistics: if the test fails, the quest returns the player to one of the previous locations

Companies choose quests with augmented reality if there are tasks:

Emphasize brand innovation
Requires unusual entertainment-teambuilding in a new format,
Send guests around the site,
Create a unique interactive entertainment zone.
It is required to place mentions of a brand or product in 3D,
Conduct training or test in a game format

Direction of flows at exhibitions

Exhibition organizers are faced with restrictions on the placement of stands, some of which are far from the entrance or places of high-profile events. It is possible that some guests may not get to, and not even look at them. In order to direct visitors, disperse the flow throughout the site, familiarize them with the infrastructure, the quest is one of the ways to direct and entertain guests, draw their attention to remote stands.

In this case, we do not insist on non-linear mechanics. Exhibitors themselves can come up with relevant tests for guests, complex or comic, and at the end — play their promotional gifts.


Investments in the infrastructure of recreation areas, resorts and parks are justified by every look, and then by the appeal for services. An alternative to hospitably show all the uniqueness of the site and its capabilities to each visitor personally will be a quest with motivation, in the form of promotional offers of services or promotional products.

Augmented reality quests are a useful activity that adapts to various event formats: festivals, team buildings, exhibitions, excursions. The magic of AR in a smartphone is available to most users.
Organization of R4Quest quests is not only an exciting adventure, but also a professional approach to team building events. The company provides a complete organization of the event, including scenario development, location selection, content adaptation and visualization of quests.